Why zkChains are the best choice for your needs
Secure at Every Level
Our revolutionary recursive SNARK proving system offers an unmet level of security, that can protect zkChain data from dishonest majorities. zkChains are powered by the most secure public blockchain infrastructure enhanced with multiple security layers including an improved consensus protocol with protection against 51% attacks.
Truly Decentralized
with Enhanced Privacy
Our system is decentralized in all its components. Our SDK leverages zk-SNARKs to verify transactions without the need for trusted third- party validators. This allows the creation of auditable and data privacy-preserving decentralized applications to address real-world use cases.
Scalable with Massive
You will not need to worry about network congestion or high transaction fees as the blockchain usage grows. Our technologies ensure true decentralization and make our blockchains very light. Our system can support tens of thousands of zkChains running parallel with a global throughput of 10,000 transactions per second!
Robust Infrastructure
Our infrastructure is powered by one of the largest and most decentralized node network in the industry - Horizen. We leverage Horizen network’s native cryptocurrency, ZEN, to fuel cross-chain transfers and benefit from a well established public blockchain ecosystem.
Fully Customizable
zkChains are fully programmable to meet your specific needs. Our SDK provides all necessary components required for building a fully customizable blockchain with configurable privacy features and monetization models.
Flexible Revenue Model
Design an economic model that works for you! Our SDK comes with a customizable incentive structure enabling scalable blockchain monetization through configurable shares of transaction revenue.
Get Started
Talk to one of our blockchain experts and discover how our suite of enterprise-grade products can help you chart a course that maps to your business needs.