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Horizen Labs makes blockchain accessible for the enterprise. We know that adopting new technologies can be daunting, so we’ve engineered our solutions to minimize organizational risk and disruption by seamlessly matching the way you do business today. With a relentless focus on solving real-world challenges, our singular goal is to deliver meaningful and measurable impact in productivity, transparency, and revenue generation.

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“We are fierce believers in the transformational power of blockchain for business. Our mission as a company is to secure the world’s transition to Web3, and we have never been more optimistic about achieving this goal.”

Rob Viglione | Co-founder & CEO | Horizen Labs

Our vision

At Horizen Labs, securing the world’s transition to Web3 is more than just a vision statement – it’s a mission that drives us to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in the decentralized world. Whether it's by developing blockchain’s most developer-friendly platform, supporting the creation of new decentralized applications, or educating the wider public about the benefits of Web3, we are dedicated to building a more secure and equitable digital world for everyone.

Your trusted technology partner

For us, every customer engagement is a partnership, and our success depends wholly on your success. When you choose Horizen Labs, you not only get a best-in-class solutions suite, you get instant access to our teams of cryptographers, engineers, product managers, and business strategy experts all ready to help bring you into the world of Web3. You also gain access to our platform and ecosystem of developers and partner technologies, all working together to guide you to a successful outcome.

Founder & CEO

Rob Viglione

Co-founder & CEO

An early visionary in the Web3 space, Rob co-founded Horizen Labs to fulfill the promise of using blockchain to build a more secure and equitable world. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance, an MBA in Finance and Marketing, and a Bachelor's in Physics & Applied Mathematics. Previously he has been an advisor to Aave, HeroEngine, and was a U.S. Air Force officer and scientist.

Leadership Team

Rosario Pabst

Chief Operating Officer

Zain Cheng

Chief Technology Officer

Jordan Calinoff

VP of Strategy & Revenue

Christopher Lumby

VP, Enterprise Solutions

Spencer Soloway

VP, Ecosystem & Marketing

John Camardo

Director of Product

Mina Kursulic-Alexander

VP, People & Talent

Ross Elkin

Chief of Staff

Globally distributed team.

One mission.

At Horizen Labs, our people are our greatest asset. From Milan to New York, Eastern Europe to Los Angeles, our talented teams of cryptographers, engineers, product managers, strategic advisors, marketers and others bring diverse personal and professional backgrounds, with everyone working toward the singular goal of bringing blockchain innovation to the world’s enterprises.

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