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Projects Partnering with Horizen Labs

Yuga Labs
Gutter Cat Gang
Knights of Degen


One ApeCoin Launch,
Billions in Value Created.

Horizen Labs helped launch ApeCoin, the official token of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Then things went bananas.

ApeCoin ApeCoin

End-to-end Advisory Services for Virtually Any Crypto Use Case

design Intelligent Design

Ensure success from day 1 with advanced project and engineering led by crypto’s most capable developer team.

tokenomics Bespoke Tokenomics

Find the tokenomics “sweet spot” for your project with sophisticated research, data modeling, comparative analysis, and advisory services.

speed Speed to Market

Move quickly from concept to framework to launch and monetization while accommodating the unique needs of your project.

NFTs of BoredApes and GutterCatGang

Take Your Project Vision to the Next Level

Open up a world of possibilities with fungible and non-fungible token launches that amplify your brand and engage your community while adding creative value.

Our team of experts is there to guide you at every step so you can remain focused on realizing your vision while trusting Horizen Labs with the complex backend development.

Experts in Zero-knowledge and Blockchain Infrastructure

Horizen Labs provides the most efficient path to developing a highly secure and scalable blockchain.

When you partner with Horizen Labs, you leverage the deep investments and technical expertise gained from building the Horizen network. No project is too big or complex.

From DeFi to gaming to whatever the future of Web3 holds, Horizen Labs has the technology and skills to help you go from concept to reality faster than you can imagine.

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The Horizen Labs Service Model

Concept, Roadmap, Strategy, and Legal

Ensure success from Day 1 with advanced project and engineering led by crypto’s most capable developer team.

Tokenomics and Whitepaper Drafting

Receive in-depth, quantitative and qualitative market research, and analysis with a white paper outlining the concept, economics, and vision.

Crypto Partnerships and Integrations

Leverage Horizen Labs’ extensive network of market makers, exchanges, analytics, custodians and more.

Blockchain, Auditing, and Smart Contract Development

Engage product and engineering teams to manage smart contract development and vet potential third party vendors.

Institutional Outreach and Token Sales

Identify and engage with value added investors who can amplify your project and boost token sales.

Metaverse Development and Smart Contracting

Define the necessary elements for your metaverse - land management, tokenomics, sale mechanics, pricing, and incentive design.

DAO Creation and Governance Design

Adopt DAO best pracices in areas like DAO configuration, membership, governance, incentives, treasury design, and operations.

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