Blockchain Reimagined for the Enterprise

A next-generation blockchain, built to solve the business challenges of tomorrow.

With security and reliability at its core, Horizen Labs is breaking down the barriers to mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies by making them safe, easy-to-use, and aligned with the way you do business.

Security First

For large companies and governments, protecting customer data is a foundational requirement. Horizen Labs’ technology adheres to the highest standards of security best practices, including:

Third-party audits of code, company infrastructure, and internal processes

Technology built with modern, safe programming languages

Secure code libraries that minimize vulnerabilities

Enterprise-grade EVM

The unique, security-focused architecture of Horizen Labs’ Ethereum Virtual Machine reduces inherent risks through:

Infrastructure control through security-driven nodes

Minimized dependence on the mainchain

Secure interoperability between public and permissioned blockchains

A Product Suite for Any Use Case

Solving the diverse challenges that today’s enterprises and governments face requires flexible technologies that work together seamlessly. Horizen Labs’ suite of technologies address a broad range of use cases with minimal cost and effort for IT organizatons.

Secure, Ethereum-compatible transaction layer
White-label, extension based wallet
Intuitive interface to search data and transactions
Highly configurable, self-executing logic

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