Blockchain solutions for business

Horizen Labs is a blockchain technology company that enables businesses to build distributed ledger solutions that are fast, secure, private and scalable.

Blockchain solution advantages

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies enable a shift from centralized to decentralized architectures which help to bridge a divide in global trust.

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Horizen Labs Features

Horizen Labs is building on Horizen, one of the most robust public blockchain infrastructures on the market


Protocol level privacy features and next generation scaling strategies provide enterprises with the tools they need to solve real business problems.


Decoupled sidechains enable ultimate design flexibility while maintaining scalability and transactional throughput.


20,000+ active nodes ensure 100% uptime and minimal network latency.

Use Cases

What are you able to build with Horizen Labs?
Get inspired with a selection of our Blockchain use cases.

Payment Systems

Blockchain based payment systems reduce geographical friction and increase cost efficiency while ensuring transfers can be executed both quickly and securely.

Record Keeping

Immutable timestamping and revision validation increases operational efficiency and allows instantaneous and seamless data sharing among parties.

Supply Chains

Distributed ledger technology brings a new level of transparency and traceability to supply chain organizations spanning multiple industries.

Investors and Partners

Digital Currency Group
Liberty City Ventures
Interfast panama Interfactura
Hot Import Nights Hero Engine

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