With crypto winter stealing headlines, blockchain technology has continued its quiet and inevitable quest of modernizing the way companies do business.

So while the transformative power of blockchain has never wavered, the approach has evolved, becoming pragmatic and prescriptive and giving the most innovative organizations strategic advantages years before the rest.

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Secure, Enterprise-Grade Blockchain,
Built for the Real-World

Transaction Acceleration
Exchange data more reliably and transact faster
Paper with circuits
Asset Verification
Verify ownership and personal identification
Circuit with a lock on top
Secure Marketplaces
De-risk the exchange of goods and validate transactions
Cluster of nodes
Interoperable Platform
Connect systems and customize to fit your business needs

Custom Build Your Business Solution
on the Most Secure and Robust Blockchain

Built and currently maintained by the Horizen Labs team, Horizen public blockchain with its EVM-compatible smart contract platform is one of the most secure and scalable blockchain ecosystems on the market.

  • tab-arrow Maximum security with privacy technologies to meet real-world needs
  • tab-arrow 100% uptime and minimal network latency
  • tab-arrow Efficient deployment with existing tools
  • tab-arrow Fully customizable to meet specific needs
  • tab-arrow Low cost transactions, high speed

Platform Flexibility for a Range
of Business Use Cases

Supply Chain

For aviation manufacturers, the bar for quality manufacturing is understandably high. With over 30,000 components in a typical commercial aircraft and thousands of suppliers, authenticating the source and testing history of airplane parts is especially difficult.

Horizen Labs’ platform can help validate the origins, testing history, and transport of component parts for a broad range of manufacturing use cases ranging from automotive to luxury goods.

Supply chain mockup
Escrow Services

Whether you’re processing complex real estate purchases or selling goods online, Horizen Labs gives you a better way to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers using customizable smart contracts. Reduce transaction costs while minimizing instances of fraud and human error.

Escrow mockup
NFT Marketplace

Fortify your brand and open up new paths to monetization by giving superfans and aftermarket dealers an exclusive branded marketplace where they can trade NFTs while you earn transaction fees on every trade. Burnable NFTs preserve scarcity while letting customers receive actual merchandise.

NFT Marketplace mockup

Industries We Serve

  • Manufacturing & Logistics icon Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Higher Education icon Higher Education
  • Financial Services & Banking icon Financial Services & Banking
  • Gaming & Entertainment icon Gaming & Entertainment
  • Real Estate icon Real Estate
  • Apparel icon Apparel
  • Government & Defense icon Government & Defense
  • Food & Beverage icon Food & Beverage

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