Blockchain Solutions for Business

Horizen Labs builds technology solutions that enhance trust and transparency among unrelated parties

The Blockchain Challenge

  • There is much excitement and hype around blockchain technology for business applications
  • It is not always clear what blockchain means and when the technology really brings value
  • There are numerous players offering blockchain solutions, not all of them unlock blockchain‚Äôs full potential

What We Do

Horizen Labs builds tools for developers and businesses to deploy blockchain applications for groups of unrelated parties that do not trust each other (i.e. competitors, members of a supply chain).

Our proprietary Sidechains as a Service platform removes development obstacles and allows for rapid and affordable deployment of enterprise grade applications.

We are building on top of one of the most secure public blockchains with the largest incentivized node network (which means we are decentralised and can promise uptime, security and efficiency).

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What we do

Use Cases

What are you able to build with Horizen Labs?
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Blockchain based marketplaces reduce operational friction and increase cost efficiency while ensuring transfers of value can be executed both quickly and securely.

Record Keeping and Registries

Immutable timestamping and revision validation increase operational efficiency and allow instantaneous and seamless data sharing among unrelated stakeholders and even competitors.

Supply Chains

Distributed ledger technology brings a new level of transparency and traceability to supply chain organizations spanning multiple industries.

Investors and Partners

Digital Currency Group
Liberty City Ventures
Interfast panama
Hero Engine