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Leading Zero Knowledge Innovation


3 min read

Introducing Poseidon2

July 23

Markus Schofnegger

The upgraded hash function optimized for speed and ease-of-use in zero-knowledge applications — efficient hash functions play a major role in modern zero-knowledge (ZK) settings. One of these hash...


3 min read

Introducing Monolith, for faster hashing in ZK settings

July 21

Markus Schofnegger

Evaluating hash functions is a major bottleneck in many modern proving systems. Introducing Monolith, the fastest hash function to...

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

3 min read

The Best of Both Worlds: How to Transform ZK Proofs

May 22

Daniele Di Tullio

Plonky2 is an efficient ZKP system for constructing succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge. Groth16 is a widely used ZKP system based on bilinear pairings, known for its strong security and...

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