Our Network

Permissionless and Decentralized
CCTP and zk-SNARKs enable cross-chain communications and verification without relying on validators
Fully Customizable with Enhanced Privacy
Powered by zk-SNARKs, our SDK allows the efficient deployment and maintenance of a custom blockchain
Configurable Revenue Model
The built-in incentive scheme (Latus) allows configurable revenue shares from transaction fees

Our Robust Public Infrastructure

Our blockchains are powered by Horizen, the most secure and decentralized public blockchain ecosystem supported by one of the largest node networks in industry.

Maximum Security
Horizen's proof-of-work public blockchain maximizes security and distributes Horizen's native token, ZEN, throughout the ecosystem.
Decentralized and Resilient
Horizen's robust multi-tiered node system with 40,000+ fully distributed nodes ensures the security, reliability, and speed of the network.
Protection Against 51% Attacks
Horizen is protected by its enhanced Nakamoto Consensus improved with a penalty mechanism that protects against 51% attacks.
Privacy Focused
Horizen is the first network enhanced with TLS end-to-end encryption between nodes. ZEN offers optional privacy features, allowing users to take control of their data privacy.

Our Blockchains
are Enhanced
with zk-SNARKs

By leveraging zk-SNARKs, our scalability and privacy solutions maintain true decentralization and the highest level of security.

But first, what are zk-SNARKs?
zk-SNARK (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) is a specific type of zero-knowledge proof, which is a form of cryptography that allows you to mathematically prove that certain information exists, without revealing the information.

What We’ve Built:


zk-SNARK-powered SDK

All the components required for building a fully customizable blockchain in one toolkit
It comes with the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) which enables our blockchains to communicate with the Horizen blockchain. By leveraging zk-SNARK technology in the CCTP, the Horizen blockchain can verify transactions from thousands of permissioned or permissionless zkChains without knowing their internal data.
This creates a truly scalable ecosystem that maximizes throughput and maintains low transaction fees.

Recursive Proving Circuit

Achieves full security while remaining truly decentralized
Through recursive zk-SNARK technology, each proof verifies all previous transactions while proving a new transaction. This proves the entire history of transactions. At the end of each epoch (a defined number of blocks), a final recursive proof is submitted to the Horizen blockchain, providing proof of the correct state progression. This allows the Horizen blockchain to establish decentralized and verifiable cross-chain transfers from all blockchains in the ecosystem, without relying on trusted validators.


Increases transparency while preserving user privacy
zkAudit is the first and only privacy-enabled audit system that doesn’t require any third party validators. It is equipped with zk-SNARKs, a privacy technology that allows verification without revealing identifiable information. All transactions can remain confidential because all of the information is encrypted, enabling privacy while upholding validity in near-real-time.
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