A Blockchain Built for Business

Solve Complex Challenges with a Simple, Programmable Suite of Capabilities

Simplify your entry into Web3 with enterprise-grade modules that improve trust, transparency, and task automation while opening up new avenues for monetization.

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Foundational Technology

No matter how diverse the industry, business challenges often share similar needs – faster transactions, traceability, proof of identity, and more. Horizen Labs’ highly flexible platform of programmable components can be configured to solve a broad range of business challenges.

Application Layer

Flexible array of enterprise applications as well as bridges, swaps, user frontends, and smart contract libraries.

Platform Layer

Powerful suite of capabilities, including APIs, oracles, and nodes-as-a-service, plus front/backend SDKs and libraries.

Protocol Layer

Robust, scalable infrastructure supporting consensus across private, permissioned, and permissionless blockchains.

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

Take full advantage of Ethereum's powerful capabilities using Horizen Labs' EON EVM. EON is a public blockchain that unlocks the full potential of smart contracting in the Horizen ecosystem. With our easy-to-use SDK, you can spin up public and private networks on your own, allowing you to create use case-specific blockchains and applications to suit your business needs. <b>What It Solves</b> <ul> <li>Quickly deploy Ethereum code on EON</li> <li>Interact seamlessly with other sidechains</li> <li>Customize configurations based on your unique use case</li> </ul>

Smart Contracts

Automate business processes by writing secure, transparent, and highly customizable Solidity smart contracts. Need a custom solution? Our expert teams can design and deploy smart contracts that meet your specific business outcomes.  <b>What It Solves</b> <ul> <li>Automates transactions while reducing errors and administrative burden</li> <li>Serves as a digital intermediary between parties</li> <li>Provides transparency while shielding key details</li> </ul>


Digital wallets are necessary for many blockchain use cases. Our non-custodial wallet simplifies blockchain interactions and peer-to-peer transfers as well as smart contract invocation while our fiat onramping enables easy, secure, business-to-consumer transactions in a brandable interface. <b>What It Solves</b> <ul> <li>Makes it easy to transact on popular third-party chains (Ethereum, Cosmos, Avalanche, etc.)</li> <li>Supports mobile use cases and fiat onramps</li> <li>Increases brand awareness and loyalty</li> </ul>

Data & Visualization

Look up transaction histories, wallet addresses, fees, and other activity with Horizen Labs’ user-friendly data visualization tools. <b>What It Solves</b> <ul> <li>Makes on-chain transaction data searchable</li> <li>Provides insights into transaction volume and trends</li> <li>Organizes data into familiar dashboards and charts</li> </ul>

Zero-Knowledge Capabilities

Protect your privacy and security with our zero-knowledge technology. Horizen Labs’ ZK cryptographic architecture and proving mechanisms secure your communications, protect identity, and select which information remains confidential. <b>What It Solves</b> <ul> <li>Transact on public chains without revealing sensitive data</li> <li>Protect identity while validating transaction requirements</li> <li>Choose which data remains private</li> </ul>


Accelerate your Web3 development by taking advantage of the benefits offered by blockchain's largest node network with over 40,000 active nodes, without sacrificing valuable resources on developing infrastructure. With our comprehensive APIs, analytics, and developer tools, you can easily build your Web3 applications. <b>What It Solves</b> <ul> <li>Focus on building and shipping products instead of infrastructure</li> <li>Launch your product faster with fewer engineering hours</li> <li>Scale knowing the infrastructure can handle high transaction volume</li> </ul>

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