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A marketplace, public or private - your choice

Broaden your reach and stay in control by launching your marketplace quickly with EON.

  • Easy and seamless on-boarding experience for your customers.
  • Enjoy transparent royalty management.
  • Manage assets and data easier than with a traditional marketplace.
  • Easily track user behaviour and their interaction with your assets.

Create and trade digital asset collections with ease

Unlock the power of digital assets with Horizen Labs' Marketplace built specifically for business.

  • Reward loyal customers with exclusive brand experiences.
  • Convert digital collectibles into physical goods.
  • Add a branded marketplace with ease.

Bridge the digital and physical world

Offer your customers a new way to resell high-demand goods.

  • Easily convert NFTs into actual merchandise on your branded digital marketplace.
  • Resell and redeem digital representations for physical goods instantly.
  • Make rare items in an auction-style format.
  • Participate in revenue sharing with every resale.

Reimagine your loyalty programs

Elevate your loyalty programs with a modern digital solution that offers customizable rewards and seamless integration to incentivize engagement and build community among your customer base.

  • Reward loyal customers with airdrops containing points and NFTs.
  • Gamify rewards and invite customers to exclusive brand events.
  • Reduce program costs using smart contracts.

A wallet for everyone

Horizen Labs simplifies the crypto wallet setup process. We make it as easy as creating and managing a traditional user account, including adding and managing a credit card.

  • Simplify customer account setup.
  • Secure log in with just a username and password.
  • Provide easy credit card setup and management.

Explore the next generation of marketplaces with Horizen Labs

Marketplaces are continually evolving and now is the perfect time to help your company unlock their potential for your brand. Horizen Labs can show you how.

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