The most efficient blockchain deployment solution!

Custom Build
Your Own zkChain

Build a customized zkChain with our all-in-one SDK
Removes significant development obstacles for efficient deployment
Configurable revenue model with low transaction fees
Optional zk-SNARKs-powered privacy tools powered by zk-SNARKs
As a builder, you can earn additional revenue from your tailor-made product. Answer a few simple questions to help us understand your needs to get you one step closer to your custom blockchain.

Utilize Our
Integration Ready

We are developing a suite of zkChains that provide a seamless way to integrate blockchain solutions into any operations. They are ready-made and have built-in privacy features and low transaction fees.


Our first integration-ready zkChain, zkAudit is built for anyone who wants to increase their transparency and credibility, while preserving the privacy of their users.
zkAudit is equipped with zk-SNARKs to allow verification without revealing identifiable information or relying on third-party validators.
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